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Asset Removal

FGC believes in paying you money for your slightly used equipment.  Even if your equipment is old we are still interested in taking it off your hands to part out for our parts inventory.  We understand the never ending process of acquiring, maintaining, decommissioning and reacquiring critical equipment.  Let us help offset your acquisition capital expenditure by crediting you for your old equipment.  Yes, we even pay cash.  If you’re in startup mode, why
pay for a brand new piece of equipment if you can by a fully refurbished piece of equipment for a 30-50% savings?  Our refurbished inventory comes with a full 1 year parts and labor warranty.  Be confident that your initial savings will not come with the price of reduced quality or higher risk of failure.  Contact us today to bid on your older used equipment or to provide a quote for a refurbished equipment solution.

How do we obtain maximum values?

20 years of experience reselling critical cooling and critical power equipment.

Our sales team has the right industry knowledge.  We are an authorized reseller of multiple brands and remain agnostic.

We are not recyclers, we resell your equipment to end users.

We distribute used and refurbished equipment to other resellers and brokers nationally.

We package additional services including service & maintenance contracts to increase your equipment value.

We have a 5000 SqFt refurbishment lab and test bay where we do any necessary upgrades or repairs to used equipment.

We have access to proprietary stock and difficult to find parts.

Our services include:

National footprint

Professional decommissioning and asset removal

Packaging and rigging equipment from site

Recycling services with certification

Environmental disposal services

Refurbishment, repair, and remarketing

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