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Data Center Design

If your company is considering a new data center, contact Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC). Our professional designers will help you bring your vision to life by drafting a conceptual layout of your critical facility in 3D. Every design process is anchored in the following important life cycle steps: 1) Plan; 2) Design; 3) Construct; 4) Maintain and: 5) Occupy. Utilizing these steps helps us to ensure that your facility has a complete data center plan in place, so that after your data center is built, you can maximize your investment and efficiently maintain it.

Data center design and budgeting

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Conceptual Design & Budgeting

Our experienced FGC Design Professionals can take you through the concept data center design phase to budget review.

-Concept design: one line drawings, 3D renderings and space planning

-Project magnitude and programming phase

-Customer planning sessions and mechanical growth capacities

-Full conceptual budget deliverable

Electrical & Mechanical Design

Our experienced licensed Electrical/Mechanical Professionals will assist in the technical planning and product review of your critical power and cooling design.

-Custom one line and 3D diagrams

-Redundancy theory, tier level discussions, and technical equipment review

-Air flow analysis and space planning

-Custom airflow concepts, products, and solutions

-Test and commissioning services

-Establishing MOPs, SOPs, manuals and procedures

Turn-Key Installation Services

FGC Installation Services Group provides coast-to-coast turn-key electrical and mechanical installation services.

-Full Service on-site Electrical and Mechanical Installation Services

-Experienced Site Estimator Bidding and Project Management Services

-Re-deployments, De-installation, Removal, Rigging and Placements

-Custom Site Scopes of Work, MOPs for Quality Control

Construction Management

In addition to design, we offer data center construction services (link to DCCS page) Bring your simple or complicated data center build to FGC’s Construction Management Team.

-Time and crew management

-Full process management and reporting

-Simple project management to greenfield construction management services

-Project procurement services and RFP processes

Contact us today and let us help with your data center design and construction.