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DC Plant System Maintenance

Third Party DC Plant Maintenance Service

Like all professional facility managers, Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) understands the critical nature of DC plant maintenance. DC power plant equipment should be routinely inspected to ensure that all components are operating at full capacity. To ensure optimum reliability and system life, we perform ongoing preventative DC power plant maintenance to identify and correct problems before they become critical. FGC can provide a customized preventive maintenance service plan on all major manufacturer brands of DC power equipment. Because batteries are the weakest link of your power system, we recommend DC plant battery PMs no less than twice a year and, in some cases monthly, depending upon the criticality of your application. FGC provides national DC plant battery maintenance contracts that include wet cell plants, VRLA, DC plants, lithium ion, 20 year VRLA telecom batteries and individual jar monitoring packages. Contact us today.

Put Our Service Network to Work for You

We can provide quality DC power plant maintenance anywhere in the U.S.

At FGC, we rely on our service vendor network of 1000+ technicians across the country to provide industry leading comprehensive service. We have primary and secondary technicians in all major markets and take pride in implementing your MOP & SOP requirements. Every site is taken care with the same industry best practices and procedures so that you can have peace of mind. Let us be your single source provider and ensure 100% uptime by taking a proactive and preventative approach to your single or multiple battery plant sites.

What Your DC Plant Maintenance Program Will Include:
+ Full service contracts that include parts and labor coverage
+ 2, 4, & 8 hour guaranteed response times
+ PM only options
+ National parts
+ Master distributor of all major brands
+ T&M rates available
+ 24/7/365 emergency dispatching
+ Over the phone triage services
+ National Operations Center (NOC)
+ SLA contracts available with KPIs 
+ National rebate incentives
+ Primary and secondary field technicians available in most locations
+ Custom written MOPs and SOPs

Additional DC Power Plant Maintenance is Performed as Needed:
+ Battery upgrades for redundancy
+ Annual and semiannual load banks
+ Battery replacements
+ CAP replacements
+ T&M repairs
+ Filter replacements
+ Remote battery monitoring
+ Lithium ion maintenance
+ 20 year VRLA telecomm battery maintenance
+ Spill containment

We'll Save You Money Where We Can

We can provide quality DC power plant maintenance anywhere in the U.S.

Knowing that different vendors may provide timelier more cost-effective DC plant maintenance support than the OEM; FGC will leverage this savings and speed for the customer when possible. Understanding when OEM support is necessary and when it is not is essential in providing the most reliable uptime, maintenance and budgetary savings for our customers. Optimizing support requirements versus costs is essential in program managing facility requirement, and FGC is uniquely prepared to assist.

Efficiency Is the Key Word When it Comes to FGC

We have changed our approach to the facility management business. Whereas many companies still maintain vast, slow-moving, inefficient workforces, FGC leverages a combination of direct OEM support and Certified third-party technicians throughout North America. Our Vendor Network has evolved through years of experience in program managing facilities, technicians, and OEM relationships. Using the best of our Hybrid model, FGC services are unparalleled in their reach, expediency and completeness.

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