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For routine service number call us at 866-432-1711 or log in at www.facilitykeys.com

Contact Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) today for emergency data center service or your routine UPS, HVAC, battery or generator service needs. We guarantee a fast response and professional service performance.

In addition to your immediate emergency data center service requirement, FGC can also oversee certified maintenance contracts for your mission critical assets. We ensure your critical power and critical cooling equipment is up and running by properly implementing and managing the right maintenance program which incorporates your business philosophy.

Let us start by providing a comprehensive on-site review and an assessment of your goals and objectives to ensure we meet all expectations for your new maintenance program. After we compile a list of your goals and objectives, we communicate directly with your thought leaders in the IT and Facility sides of the business. Then, with our collective plan we leverage our vendor network to implement your custom service program. We will also include any of your preferred vendors in the new contract. Our job then is to oversee your MOPs, SOPSs, and comprehensive program so that all vendors are held accountable to your highest standard.

Through our extensive post-PM technical review, we can examine your asset portfolio and perform life cycle assessments that consider capital budgeting requirements and cost saving opportunities throughout the portfolio.

For any emergency data center service needs, call 24/7/365, our NOC will assess, dispatch, and oversee equipment emergency issues quickly and accurately. We provide FSR support and RCA (root cause analysis) post emergency call and ensure we are implementing any necessary next action or repair correctly with pre-approved vendors and field engineers. All MOPs and SOPs are followed 100% of the time.

We can design a hybrid maintenance contract that includes all major asset categories including generators, UPS, batteries, switchgear, fire, security, and mechanical systems. Our vendor network includes OEM, third-party service companies and expertly placed on-site support.