Facility Keys™

What is Facility Keys™?

Facility Keys™ (Keys) is your key to critical asset management. Created by Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC), Keys is a patented asset management platform designed to keep all of your facility management operations and maintenance records in one centralized location. You can track your asset records and reports and also view a calendar of events; including past and future scheduled preventive maintenance. Save time by allowing us to streamline your critical facility management by using Keys for your day-to-day mission critical management.

Performance Tracking

Within the Facility Keys™ operating platform, KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) rate our performance as your facility management support company. We track performance criteria such as the number of PMs (preventive maintenance) scheduled/re-scheduled per month, PM completion, timely and effective FSR (field service report) review and recommendations, budgeting associated with OPEX and CAPEX events, and emergency call performance and resolution. 

We use this information to track our performance and prove out SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements. This is a transparent process for your company to track. The FGCVendors.com module within Keys also includes a performance tab which reflects a 5-star rating scale of all vendors in the FGCVendors.com vendor network and their current qualitative evaluation. If any vendor does not perform their KPI requirement as per our SLA, we will oversee the transition of vendor replacement.

Vendor Management

Get it done right the first time and ensure a smooth running critical facility. Selecting which vendors do your maintenance can be a difficult decision.

FGC has created a vendor network of highly experienced field engineers, mechanics, installation technicians and facility managers to ensure we meet contract requirements. Additionally, through Keys, we have quick access to the details of your facility allowing us to select the most qualified vendor to fulfill your request.

Asset Management

Save time and eliminate paper chasing by keeping a complete list of your facility management reports and documents at your fingertips.  Know when your equipment is scheduled for a PM, see all emergency call information, track root cause analysis reporting, and view all field service reports & quotes to help make fast, effective decisions.

Site Information

View a snapshot of all sites in one location and the number of assets per site,  along with details like location, manufacture, upcoming schedule, and data center performance. 

Procurement Management

View all quotes, purchase orders and invoices related to each site and specific asset. This feature can possibly help lower your current price of procurement by streamlining your procurement operation strategy. It also makes your life easier as all procurement documents are stored in one central location, making it easy to find past documents needed for both pricing comparison needs and budgetary purposes.