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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Please describe how Facility Gateway will manage emergency calls that are an
immediate concern to the customer?

FGC staffs and operates its own Network Operations Center 24/7/365 with an
experienced Technical Support Team. The initial call is fielded and directed to a senior
expert within the HVAC, UPS, or generator division. This expert is qualified to diagnose
the emergency over the phone by asking questions and walking the site contact
through the diagnosis process. In some cases if it's a minor alarm, we can resolve
without dispatching a field technician by providing technical support over the phone.
This increases the overall mean time to repair and allows us to dispatch the technician if
necessary, with validated and current information.

With Facility Keys asset management software the customer can access updates and
see the status of any emergency call. After the emergency call has been resolved the
solution is documented in Facility Keys and includes the review of the responding vendor
and any proposals for possible resolution. FGC Account Management Teams are
available to discuss remediation options and their risk profiles and technical benefits.
All emergency and escalation events are permanently logged into Facility Keys and
stored for easy access. This process also provides the basis for a Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
following the event. The RCA outlines the emergency call from first “call in” to
remediation and is stored in Facility Keys by the Account Management Team.

>Describe how Facility Gateway will provide communication of service announcements,
changes, and updates.

In the event of a service announcement, automated notifications are sent through
FGC’s Facility Keys asset management software to the proper site contacts via email
alerts. A dedicated Account Management Team will proactively communicate any
next steps due to the services announcement, change, or update. This team will also
oversee the execution and remedy as required.

Facility Gateway Corporation is partnered with OEMs. These relationships ensure that
FGC receives all field change notices and service notifications for your equipment
maintenance. These updates are communicated through your dedicated Account
Management Team. If remediation is necessary, the Account Management Team will
oversee the process and update your facility manager when complete. This team also
uses data gathered in Facility Keys to provide life cycle recommendations for any
equipment considered a potential risk due to age. Facility Keys documents and
provides reports based on age, proper load levels, operational integrity of the
equipment and inefficiencies. These reports can be used for capital expense planning
and are easily printed in a helpful format.

Our company has to ensure that supplier provided services and equipment are fully
aligned with our requirements. How can Facility Gateway assist in minimizing the cost and
ensuring the compatibility of any solution? What guarantees is your company prepared
to offer?

FGC‘s FGCVENDORS.com vendor network is comprised of experienced national providers. We screen
all vendors through an extensive qualification process and continually manage their performance through
our 5 star rating systems. In the case of any service request, we will review your scope and match the
right vendor with the right asset. For replacement equipment, we will provide options and explain risk,
benefits, and oversee a custom written MOP to ensure proper installation and after hours cut over.
FGC's Vendor Management Team is comprised of industry experts. We employ former field engineers in
our Technical Support Team for each equipment category. It is their responsibility to review field service
reports and provide any recommendations. This team is key in relaying FSR recommendations to your
Account Management Team and will assist in executing the resolution.

FGC's dedicated Account Management Team will direct the day-to-day vendor involvement of your
account. This team also has negotiated partnership with most manufactures, third-party providers, and
independents. This allows FGC to pass through the best option available. All recommendations and
proposals are uploaded into Facility Keys and can be easily approved by your site contact. They can
log in and approve through the software without formalizing a purchase order (PO).

Our company wishes to ensure that we continuously maintain the most competitive
pricing for our purchases. How would Facility Gateway propose to demonstrate its
ongoing competitive pricing position?

FGC utilizes its FGCVendors.com vendor network for pricing options for customers to choose from. FGC
becomes a procurement function for your company and serves as a national buyer by using our
relationships with OEMs and distributors. It is our job to provide multiple pricing options across the
different equipment categories to include generators, UPS, batteries, HVAC, and fire suppression.
FGC is constantly seeking to leverage our existing business relationships to provide you with the most
competitive pricing going forward.

Please describe Facility Gateway's quality certifications and quality assurance program.
Also describe any additional value added services your company provides.

Our FGCVendors.com vendor network has a strict screening process which not only reviews company
history, background and insurance requirements but also holds the vendor accountable to specific SOW's
& MOP's. We ask for all certifications and manufacturer qualifications. We offer incentives to our
vendors for continuing training and certifications and offer training to new vendors. FGC also offers
design/build services, equipment upgrades and replacements, equipment efficiency studies and site
selection services for new potential mission critical sites.

Our vendors are held to a 5 star rating scale in which they can improve or reduce their standings based
upon the performance of their work. FGC will provide insight as to vendors performance that includes
providing accurate information, expediting emergency responses, maintaining PM schedules, and timely
reporting. The Account Management Team will review every quote provided by our FGCVendors.com
vendor network in an effort to reduce cost and ensure quality workmanship and limit downtime.

Describe how Facility Gateway plans to review and correct any deficiencies that we may
discover with our service.

In our FGCVendors.com vendor network, our vendors are held to a 5 star rating scale in which they can
improve or reduce their standings based upon the performance of their work. If FGC notices that any
vendor is not performing to the required level of service, FGC will issue a lower rating based upon the 5
star scale which may impact their compensation and role on the account. It is our responsibility as your
facility management support company to hold the maintenance vendors accountable to continued
exceptional service. If for any reason we choose to discontinue the use of a particular vendor, FGC will
oversee the transition to another qualified vendor.

We require the vendors in our FGCVendors.com vendor network to utilize the Facility Keys FSRTool.
This is a live electronic field service report application that updates your asset information and
maintenance readings directly to your Facility Keys database. This asset information is reviewed
internally by our Vendor Management Team prior to its release.

Please describe how Facility Gateway can assist in reducing the time and/or costs of
diagnosing problems (in terms of tools, technical support, etc.)

Our Facility Keys operating platform includes a bolt-on electronic reporting application, the FSRTool.
This tool allows all technicians to upload preventive maintenance details electronically, saving time and
ensuring accuracy and up to date information. All vendors in the FGCVendors.com vendor network are
required to use this field service report application. This allows all reports to be standardized across all
equipment categories which helps the FSR review process occur smoothly. For example, the tool requires
the vendor to complete all data fields. This ensures proper diagnoses in less time and at a lower cost.

FGC takes a proactive management approach to identify potential vulnerabilities or weak points outlined
on the FSR. Once a weak point has been identified, it is flagged and reviewed by our Technical Support
Team. Our Technical Support Team stays current and up to date on industry best practices and specific
OEM field change notices. Their recommendations and solutions are passed back to the Account
Management Team for quoting and execution. This reduces the amount of time needed for diagnosing
problems. Our dedicated team of Account Managers along with our Technical Support Team, review all
Field Service Reports, which are accurately reported by FGCVendors.com vendor network, using the
FSRTool to identify potential risks before they become critical.

Please describe Facility Gateway's reliability statistics and how they will be reported.

FGCVendors.com is designed to hold the vendors accountable within the Facility Keys operating
platform. Our Vendor Management Team is responsible for rating all vendors using the 5 star rating
system. FGCVendors.com includes a performance tab which reflects the 5 star rating scale of all vendors
in the FGCVendors.com vendor network and their current evaluation. If any vendor does not perform
their KPI (Key Performance Indicator) requirement as per our Service Level Agreement (SLA), we will
oversee the transition of vendor replacement.

Within the Facility Keys operating platform, there is an indicator that rates our performance as your facility
management support company. We track performance criteria such as the number of PMs scheduled/rescheduled
per month, PM completion, timely and effective FSR review and recommendations, budgeting
associated with OPEX and CAPEX events, and emergency call performance and resolution. We use this
information to track our KPI performance and will honor the SLA requirement. This is a transparent
process for your company to track.

Our company is interested in exploring new options for service scheduling and ordering.
Please summarize what mechanisms Facility Gateway has for supporting us in
scheduling services more efficiently.

FGC's Facility Keys asset management software includes an interactive scheduling tool. All FGC
schedulers administer their schedules through this interactive tool, which allows customers to view all
current scheduled, confirmed and completed PM visits. Customers can also view all events associated
with each asset such as PMs, emergency calls, battery replacements, T & M repairs, equipment
replacement and other unique events. FGC schedulers are assigned customer territories to maintain
proper maintenance schedules. 

Another unique feature of Facility Keys asset management software is the ability to approve the
procurement of parts, labor, materials and additional services associated with a particular asset. With a
few simple clicks, we are executing the right solution without having to wait on a formal procurement
process. FGC is willing to immediately deploy a resource with your Facility Keys approval. As your
facility management support company, we understand the urgency of any emergency situation and our
ability to respond is tied to an easy approval process. FGC is willing to extend pre-negotiated terms and
lines of credit for any emergency situation so that we can focus on the solution as opposed to accounting

The supplier shall work with us to maintain a database of all orders and provide access
to such a database electronically e.g. we-based interface. Please mention how you
will provide this requirement.

Facility Keys asset management software provides for all invoicing, quotes and purchase orders to be
uploaded and alerted via email to all key contacts that have access to the software. All Facility Keys
users have a permission based singular login to take them to their private aspects of the software via the
web. FGC will administer all user rights and profiles based on the customer’s request. This is all
performed in a secure and customizable platform to your company wishes.

Explain Facility Gateway's minority business program and equal opportunity policies.

All recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, and other employment-related programs are
provided fairly to all persons on an equal opportunity basis without regard to race, creed, color, religion,
sex, age, national origin, disabilities, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, military status or to
any other characteristic protected by law.

Employment decisions are based on the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action. All
personnel actions such as compensation, benefits, transfers, training, and participation in social and
recreational programs are administered without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin,
disabilities, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or any other characteristic
protected by law, and; employees and applicants will not be subjected to harassment, intimidation,
threats, coercion or discrimination because they have exercised any right protected by law.
FGC believes in and practices equal opportunity and affirmative action. The Human Resources
Department staff serves as the Equal Opportunity Coordinator for the Company and has overall
responsibility for assuring compliance with this policy. All employees are responsible for supporting the
concept of equal opportunity and affirmative action as well as assisting the Company in meeting its

The Company maintains an Affirmative Action Plan for minorities, females, disabled individuals, and
veterans. Any questions regarding these plans should be directed to an FGC Human Resources

Describe Facility Gateway's ability to provide order status, tracking, invoice accuracy
and reporting including site details, equipment information via electronic means.

The interactive Facility Keys asset management software platform provides for complete order status,
tracking, invoicing and reporting for all critical assets across all equipment categories. All uploads are
alerted via email to all key contacts that have access to Facility Keys depending on user based

A dedicated Account Management Team will administer Facility Keys on behalf of your critical asset
portfolio and will ensure all items are accurate and up to date. These tasks are handled by the “human
component” of Facility Keys, in other words, all information is reviewed and verified by an FGC
employee before being uploaded.

We will require monthly, quarterly and annual reports in specific required formats.
Would you be willing to provide such reports when necessary in a consistent format?

FGC can report upon request and also through our scheduled quarterly business reviews. These reports
and reviews can be tailored to each site's specifics. FGC's Account Management Team can also expand
the reporting function to address customer requests. Facility Keys asset management software has
been built by Facility Gateway Corporation from the ground up and new, customized reports are always
available. Currently the software has been designed so that all asset information and reports can be
exported to standard spreadsheet formats.

Does Facility Gateway have a website portal that customers can access and see reports
and information any time?

Facility Keys asset management software is a comprehensive operating platform that will support all
day-to-day operation of your critical equipment maintenance. Not only is Facility Keys a portal to
information, but it is also an interactive management platform for FGC employees to administer and
manage your critical asset portfolio. This includes vendors, scheduling, billing, emergency calls, asset
information, visual condition of your equipment and much more. All of the data is stored in a secure data
center environment, and backed up on a daily basis at an additional location. The customer
has access 24/7/365 to Facility Keys asset management software from any location with internet

We may require selected suppliers to provide reporting on additional fields not
specified above. Please describe your capabilities for ad-hoc reporting.

With our patented Facility Keys asset management software, we have developed an overall
operating platform for our customer base and their critical asset maintenance. FGC will continue to
implement industry best practices as driven by our customers, vendors, and professional staff. Our
development process has been led by industry veterans whose practical experience has pushed us to
develop a more ad-hoc friendly software platform. If additional fields or information are deemed
necessary, FGC can custom build Facility Keys to address any specific needs driven by suppliers.
Facility Keys has been designed and built by our software development team in an effort to provide a
customizable approach to managing critical equipment maintenance for the mission critical industry. Due
to this customer driven philosophy, we address specific needs and requirements. FGC is dedicated to listening
to your input and the continuing upgrade of our software. Ad hoc interactive requirements are not a problem for
FGC, its software system, and its personnel.