Hybrid Contracts

FGC Hybrid Maintenance uses both OEMs and Certified Third Party Support

Any equipment that does not require proprietary support is eligible for Hybrid Maintenance.  When only the OEM can provide service due to proprietary restrictions, the original manufacturer must do the work.  In any other case, customers are able to save money by using FGC’s certified Vendor Network to find the best technicians available at a much more reasonable cost. When and if OEM support is needed, FGC will then work to ensure any exclusive backing is effectively and promptly program managed in to the work.

Over time, equipment performance declines necessitating both preventative maintenance (PM) and corrective maintenance.  Eventually the OEM may not offer cost effective support.  Additionally, age ends up making replacement (CAPEX) more effective than continually increasing operating expense (OPEX).

In the early years of an asset the OEM will include a warranty and offer cost-effective service.  Shortly after, OEM service can become prohibitively expensive. OPEX increases dramatically after the first few years.  This is were third-party support comes in.  Offering similar or potentially more experienced work at a more consistent and lower price than the OEM, FGC leverages it vendor network or third-party support.

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