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UPS Battery Replacement

UPS Battery Replacement is Important

It doesn't take much to compromise your UPS backup system. A single bad cell is all it takes to affect your backup system's reliability. Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) can put a system into place to detect and correct potential problems before they occur. Our battery inspection process includes inspecting for sulphation, cracked battery cases and leaking cells. Additionally, we analyze battery voltage, conductance and temperature.  

Most UPS system failures are due to battery failure. Batteries typically need to be replaced at least every 4 or 5 years. As batteries age, they can dry out, heat up and swell. That's why a 4 to 5 year UPS battery replacement plan is optimal. FGC's UPS battery replacement specialists will assure that your new batteries are correctly sized and tested for optimal performance and that your UPS replacement batteries are installed following the manufacturer's and IEEE standards. Your removed batteries will be recycled to government and industry regulations.

Whether your backup batteries are for a UPS system, generator, switchgear or DC Plant, the amount of time left on your warranty matters. That's why we track the battery history for your systems, so that batteries still under warranty can be replaced more cost-effectively. FGC never purchases cheap UPS battery replacements, which typically contain less lead and are less fire-retardant. They don't last as long and can put your backup system at serious risk. We only sell the top reliable UPS replacement battery brands that typically provide 5 years battery life: C&D Technologies, Yusas-Exide, Battery USA, GNB, SAFT, Peco II, Johnson Controls, PCP, Astec, Power Battery, Argus, Lucent, Reltec and others.

UPS Battery Replacement Services

The FGC team is highly qualified to perform battery maintenance services efficiently and safely across North America. Most UPS systems are "hot swappable" so batteries can be replaced without taking the UPS offline. Your in-house equipment stays protected during the UPS battery replacement process. You can trust FGC to install top quality batteries for your data center backup system. Contact us today.

We Can Save You Money on Support Services

Knowing that different vendors may provide timelier more cost-effective support than the OEM; FGC will leverage these savings and speed for the customer when possible. Understanding when OEM support is necessary and when it is not is essential in providing the most reliable uptime, maintenance and budgetary savings for our customers. Optimizing support requirements versus costs is essential in program managing facility requirement, and FGC is uniquely prepared to assist.

Efficiency is Key When it Comes to FGC

We have changed our approach to the facility management business. Whereas many companies still maintain vast, slow-moving, inefficient workforces, FGC leverages a combination of direct OEM support and Certified third-party technicians throughout North America. Our Vendor Network has evolved through years of experience in program managing facilities, technicians, and OEM relationships. Using the best of our Hybrid model, FGC services are unparalleled in their reach, expediency and completeness.

UPS battery replacement