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UPS Capacitor Replacement

UPS Capacitor Replacement is Important

Capacitors are a critical component of UPS systems which degrade over time under normal UPS operation. Failing capacitors can leak electrolyte, which can disrupt electrical connections within a UPS and can cause a shut down. One failing capacitor can ultimately lead to failure of other capacitors working in parallel. A capacitor failure can force the UPS into bypass mode and send send unstable power to your other equipment.

Capacitors, like batteries, have a limited working life span. UPS capacitor replacement is advisable every 6 years, or even sooner, depending upon the UPS load. In many cases, capacitor failures are not detectable. At times, even multiple capacitor failures will not visibly affect UPS operation. That is why it is advisable to replace the capacitors before they fail.

UPS Capacitor Replacement Services

It important to schedule preventative maintenance for your UPS system to be sure the capacitors (and batteries) are inspected and replaced as needed. Our approach is to replace the capacitors before they age to the point of failure. The FGC team is highly qualified to perform preventative maintenance services efficiently and safely across North America. You can trust FGC to install top quality replacement capacitors for your data center backup system.

We Can Save You Money on Support Services

Knowing that different vendors may provide timelier more cost-effective support than the OEM; FGC will leverage these savings and speed for the customer when possible. Understanding when OEM support is necessary and when it is not is essential in providing the most reliable uptime, maintenance and budgetary savings for our customers. Optimizing support requirements versus costs is essential in program managing facility requirement, and FGC is uniquely prepared to assist.

Efficiency is Key When it Comes to FGC

We have changed our approach to the facility management business. Whereas many companies still maintain vast, slow-moving, inefficient workforces, FGC leverages a combination of direct OEM support and Certified third-party technicians throughout North America. Our Vendor Network has evolved through years of experience in program managing facilities, technicians, and OEM relationships. Using the best of our Hybrid model, FGC services are unparalleled in their reach, expediency and completeness.

Replace UPS capacitors.